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Edward Hopper Prints is an exciting new website giving advice to people looking to buy high quality Edward Hopper prints from a large gallery of his paintings. You can simply click on the Nighthawks painting below to see all those available from Art.com who offer framed, unframed, giclee prints and tapestries by the great artist Edward Hopper. You can also find more information on the career of Edward Hopper with our short biography further down this page. As great fans of this artist, we wanted to set up a site to help people who need a professional onlne art shop who they can trust 100% to buy framed or unframed copies of paintings by Edward Hopper online as well as learn more about the highly influential artist himself. Each of his key paintings can also be researched in this website too. You can also buy Edward Hopper paintings here.

Nighthawks Print by Edward Hopper
Nighthawks, c.1942 by Edward Hopper
36cm x 28cm Fine Art Print
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Hopper's prints show modern life for Americans at that time, through the eyes of the artist, who very much had his own unique view that he expressed in his art. Whilst best remembered as an oil on canvas artist, he also achieved success as a watercolour painter, which became popular in America at the time, and he also produced several print etchings.

The likes of Willem de Kooning, Jim Dine, and Mark Rothko have claimed Hopper to be a heavy influence on their own development as artists, particularly in their earlier years and so there is certainly no doubt as to the quality and strength of legacy of Edward Hopper and his paintings.

Nighthawks will remain his best loved painting but there are around 100-200 works which can be considered fairly well known from his total output. Hopper’s Chop Suey also rates highly, with it being featured in Rothko's own work later on as a tribute. You can read about Nighthawks here. Other great Hopper prints include Gas and Chop Suey. There is a full list of Hopper prints in the sitemap.

The success of Hopper prints which many around the world love to buy on a regular basis, is mainly down to a few factors in the style of his works. This starts with the unique atmosphere that they hold, with just a few characters and low detail in the background giving a great focus to the intended message. Hopper also used interesting colour schemes which would bring out bright areas in great contrast against darker backgrounds.

A list of further Edward Hopper prints can be found below with our extensive list of the best paintings by American artist Edward Hopper: